Puppy Pre-Adoption Application

This form asks questions to help you decide if a Shiloh Shepherd is the right breed for you. We will (with the help of the ISSDC Breeders) gladly help you select the right puppy. We have been watching each puppy’s behavior, personality and temperament. The information on this form helps us get to know a little bit about you. We urge you to be very honest with us about yourself and your home life, as these puppies rely on us to find the very best homes for them. Where one puppy may be perfect in a busy household, another may panic and need a quiet home. We have found that Shiloh Shepherds, indeed, have their own personalities and needs.

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What is the best method to reach you?

How did you hear about us?

Please take your time answering the following questions. We ask that you answer all the questions with as much information as possible.

1. In what type of housing do you reside?

2. If you rent, does your landlord permit dogs?

3. Would you permit us to contact your landlord?

Landlord's name and phone number...

4. Do you have a fenced in yard?

If yes, type of fence and height of fence (in feet):
If not, are you able to leash walk your dog at least 4 times a day for necessary functions and exercise?

If the answer is no, why not?

5. Tell us the number (each) of adults and children, in addition to how many do gs, cats, birds, or any other pets that make up your family (i.e. 2 adults (include their ages), 3 children (include their ages), 1 dog (inlcude age, sex, breed, if spayed/neutered))

6. How many dogs have you owned? over the course of how many years? (i.e. 1 dog, the last 10 years)

7. My dogs were:
other circumstances:

8. Does anyone in the household have allergies?

9. Do you have a person living in your household that is... (select all that apply ctrl+ click):

10. I am interested in a pet and plan to spay/neuter:

11. I am interested in showing and/or breeding:

12. I am interested in training my dog in the following (select all that apply ctrl+ click):

13.My dog will spend most of his/her time:

14. I would like a:

15. I would like a:

16. I would like a:

17. How many hours a day would the dog be left alone each day?

18. Are you willing to crate train your Shiloh, if necessary?

19. Do you agree to return your Shiloh Shepherd to us if you are unable to keep it or any reason?

20. Are you willing to keep the dog up to date on all of its shots, screen for heartworm and use heartworm preventative?

21. Are you willing to screen your dog for heart and eye defects?

22. Are you willing to have your dog seen by a vet at least once a year?

23. Are you willing to have the dogs hips x-rayed and rated (OFA or PennHIP) after the age of 24 months and provide us with the report?

24. Are you willing to license the dog and keep it properly identified?

25. Are you willing to pay shipping charges for this dog?

26. Please list three references (two if you have a current veterinarian). Please include complete name, address and telephone number for each reference.

27. How did you come to the decision to want a Shiloh Shepherd in your life?

28. Describe the temperament you’re looking for. For instance: Do you want an active dog? Do you prefer a quiet dog? Smart? Sweet? Faithful? Funny? Do you want a problem solver? (Hint: Some of them can open refrigerator doors and unlock locks.) Let us know what you’re hoping for so we can find a good match.

additional comments:

There is a $500.00 fee that will reserve your pup for you. This fee will apply to the purchase price of $1550.00 (Pet companion with a spay/neuter agreement) $1800.00 (upgradeable breed potential) and $2500 (show/breed with puppy back agreement), which will be due at the time of puppy delivery or pick up. The deposit is non refundable unless a puppy is not available, or it is determined by Rain City Shilohs that there is no suitable puppy at this time.