Zoe/Nitro 2017

b. February 1, 2017
3 boys, 1 girl; all plush

2017-0205-raincityThe Princess Bride
Princess Buttercup (yellow girl), Miracle Max (purple boy),
Westley (blue boy), and Inigo Montoya (white boy)

all puppies have found their forever homes


Ridgewood’s Top Fuel 
aka Nitro
b. September 7, 2011 | black/cream smooth
sire: Ashton Poocher of Ridgewood CGC
dam: NSx2 brCH P&C’s One Too Many CGC, ROM
height/weight: 29.5″ 116lbs
hips: OFA Good SLH-666G25M-VPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL433M25-VPI
heart: OFA Normal SLH-CA517/31M/P-VPI-ECHO
eyes: OFA Normal SLH-EYE10/26M-VPI
dm: Normal/Normal via parentage

Rain City Shilohs

NS bCH Moon Shadows Evening the Skoor, CGC, TT, TD
aka Zoe
b. March 31, 2012 | brown sable plush
sire: Three River’s Dragon Fire of Solace
dam: Aurora of Winter Harbour
height/weight: 27″ 105lbs
hips: OFA Good SLH-741G35F-VPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL506F35-VPI
heart: holter/c 3/2013; echo clear (4/2013)
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH278/35F-VPI
tli: TLI 13.7, 1/2015 (normal)
dm: DM Normal/Normal via parentage

Rain City Shilohs is happy to announce with Ridgewood Shilohs the pairing between our Rain City’s Evening the Skoor, aka Zoe, and Ridgewood ‘s Top Fuel aka Nitro. This pairing will bring puppies, both smooth and plush coat, that will have the intelligence, size , and temperament that we are excited to offer.

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