Rainy City Shilohs

Chloe Elise von Solace, CGC
aka Chloe
b. November 2, 2008  | gray sable plush
sire: Steiner Ellwanger von Solace
dam: Solace’s Cleopatra of Strauss

Chloe came to us in the beginning of 2009. She rocked our world and changed our lives. She was the smartest puppy we’d ever met, full of mischief and humor. She was a diva from the day she came into our home and we loved it.

Chloe is a tall and beautiful gray sable. Until she was two years old, she was a thin and graceful girl, so thin that once at a dog park a man asked us if she was a coyote mix. I never forgot that nervy man! But once she matured, at the age of three years old, she was a spectacular beauty. She is a faithful and loving girl, quick to kiss us and always willing to do whatever we ask of her, which is usually, “Chloe, get off the couch so I can sit there, ” or, “Come here if you want a treat.” (She loves treats.)

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